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Case File Software Solutions

If you are tired of having to browse slowly through an electronic case file, we have the solution for you.

  • IP Cost Estimation
  • Docketing and Document Generation
  • Feescale Synchronisation

Cost Estimates

Cost estimates are able to be generated for attorneys and intellectual property owners/applicants. Various use cases are able to be supported.

Docketing and Document Generation

Docketing is being coded for large scale use cases. Currently up to 2000 cases can be readily managed, searched and updated in a small firm environment.

Feescale Synchronisation

Feescale publication and simple cost estimator synchronisation solutions are provided.


Solutions under various stages of development include complex cost estimation, document generation and IP docketing.

So much more than your conventional IP docketing system

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Case File Flow


Receive and Save Email

Save emails and flles to folder


Automatic Saving to Case Streamer

Emails, files and attachements are saved in order based on email date and file association date. User access permissions are set.


Reminder Docketing

Reminders are made on a case manager and case responsible basis.


User access

Case information and case file history is made available based on user access permissions.


Document Generation

Document are generated using and XSLT merge field approach


Cost Estimates

Cost estimates are updated based on case and future sibling case cost estimates